The Southern KZN Rugby Academy is a SARU certified regional rugby academy “In association with The Sharks” in one of the five sub unions that constitute the Kwa Zulu Natal Rugby Union (KZNRU) and situated at Genesis Youth Centre , Lot 17, Izotsha Road, Marburg. This Academy’s mission is to develop the game of rugby in the Southern Kwa Zulu Natal region by providing young men an equal opportunity to further their careers in rugby and to further their academic studies. The Academy is a registered NPC and forms part of the Southern Kwa Zulu Natal Rugby Sub Union. (SKZNRU) an affiliate of the KZNRU.

This Academy has the full backing of the KZNRU and The Sharks (Pty) ltd. It is our intention to ensure that the development of rugby will be entrenched in the rural areas and in doing so, will, of course, improve the standard of rugby in our Province and in particular, will augment the development of previously disadvantaged communities. The Academy will be an institution where young boys can achieve their life goals with a combination of the development of their Rugby abilities and the furthering of their academic education.

The Academy will be aggressively collaborating with local schools within our region to identify rugby playing school leavers at the end of their matric year. Students from other provinces will also be considered. A structured program envisages “early identification” of rugby talent, and the development thereof through a high–performance program which enhances the conversion rate of players from amateur into the professional rugby arena. In addition, this program is under-pinned by a well-balanced academic program which strives to ensure that all players are equipped with suitable educational and life skills.

Our partners have also recognized the development imperative of black rugby players within our province and identified the Academy as the ideal platform to accelerate our region’s contribution towards The Sharks and S.A. Rugby in general which strives to ensure that all players are equipped with suitable educational and life skills.