Sponsor A Star

Individuals, Businesses & Corporates


Have the Chance to sponsor a star rugby player to join the Sharks Academy SKZN for 2018. Choose a player you think is good from your school and give him the chance to excel on the rugby field and get educated. If you don’t have anyone you know, ask us as we have a pool of exciting players wanting the opportunity to excel but just can’t afford it.

Invest in a player, we want to see the individual get a chance, get educated and boost our country with young professionals.

For R50 000 put a player through the Academy-

You get:

Website exposure (nearly 20k hits in 12months) and a partner with the Academy
Website- Players Profile says sponsored by (Individual or Business Name)
Social Media exposure- Facebook and YouTube Channels
Match day program sponsor at game day if applicable
Players meet sponsor Dinner

They get:

Educated by studying through Physical IQ
Get young professionals on the South Coast and boost the area
Give the player the chance to excel on the rugby field and go pro
Give the player the opportunity to get a job after rugby
Boost local club rugby


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